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Who we are?

For over 20 years of VoIP and SMS providers, Vorux Telecom is a prominent global business messaging solutions provider. Vorux Telecom now has offices and branches spreaded in various countries in the world such as USA, UK, AfricA, India, Armenia, Egypt, Lebanon, Ukraine and Poland.


Vorux Telecom develops and maintains its own proprietary VoIP and SMS platforms to provide innovative, customized and differentiating products and services; including lots of direct connections to over 390 operators and carriers worldwide, we are able to offer top-quality routes with exceptional performance and reliability at very competitive prices.


Vorux Telecom has a great team of professionals in the field of telecommunication from all our branches and offices int he world with extensive knowledge and experience who persistently work towards closing the gap between what our customers expect and what is provided to them.

Our Services

Retail, Wholesale VoIP

SMS Direct/SIM Route & OTP

“Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are the only one!”

Laurice Leitao —

Our Team

Vorux Telecom Jina

Senior Account Manager


Vorux Telecom Shakir

Senior Account Manager


Vorux Telecom Layal

Senior Account Manager


Vorux Telecom MAX

Senior Account Manager


Vorux Telecom Marina

Senior Account Manager


Senior Account Manager



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